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Kratom White Vein Borneo is a powerhouse of potent alkaloids, especially the vital alkaloid ‘Mitragynine‘.

Why Try Our Kratom White Vein Borneo?

1. Sourced Directly from Indonesia

Our kratom powder comes directly from Indonesia. We have a strong and close relationship with a family or kratom farmers that we’ve developed over the years.

Because of that, we’re able to import kratom directly from them without utilizing a middleman.

2. Organically and Sustainably Grown

Our farmers have been in the kratom trade for generations. Their ancestors have refined their growing, harvesting, and drying techniques over the years.

Because of that, they are able to take care of the White Borneo Kratom plants without needing to apply any pesticides or other chemicals.

3. Fully Developed Alkaloids

Our Kratom White Vein Borneo grows in nitrogen-rich soil with access to sunlight all year. Apart from that, it is also in a location with a humid climate and plenty of rain.

As a result, our kratom plants are well-exposed to a wide spectrum of nutrients. These bio-available nutrients completely provide the energy our plants need to grow healthily.

Thus, our kratom plants produce fully-developed alkaloids.

4. Consistently Fresh and Strong

Our vetted farmers care about the quality of the product that they supply. Therefore, they take the best care possible of their plants to ensure a consistently strong powder.

Importing it directly from them means that we always have fresh kratom powder in stock.

5. 60% Mitragynine Content

As per 3rd-party lab test results, mitragynine makes up 60 percent of our kratom white vein Borneo powder.

6. Free of Contaminants and Adulterants

Not only our plants grow on an organic farm but are also lab-tested for purity and quality. Upon receiving each batch, we send it to an independent laboratory in the United States. If any batch is unsatisfactory, we immediately discard it.

7. Fine Micron Grind Powder

We utilize micron grind technology. It helps us yield a fine and smooth kratom powder which has a flour-like consistency.

Ingredients: White Borneo Kratom

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Weight 10 g
Kratom effects

Clarity, Endurance, Energy, Focus, Mood, Productivity, Social

Time of use



10 Grams

Vein color

White Vein

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Joanne Huttman-Tandy


Kevin Pike
Good quality, can't complain

Like it indicates... uplifting. I'd buy

Kasey Klenke
I'll give it a try next order


Jason B

This is the best White Borneo I've ever had!

Chris S

Good fast strain.

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