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BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save 30% Off on all orders with code: SAVE30. All orders will ship Tuesday 11/28.
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Red Sumatra kratom is a potent strain from the Sumatran kratom family. It thrives in the jungles of Sumatra, a tropical island with high humidity and frequent rainy days that is perfect for growing any kratom. This potent kratom strain excels when it comes to giving the most pleasant overall experience, thanks to its complex, potent alkaloid content and high Mitragynine content  (up to 82%). This makes this Indonesian kratom powder one of the most relaxing, sedating, and euphoric kratom strains. Get this top-shelf product at an affordable price at Kraoma.

Ethically Sourced from Specialized Growers

High-quality red kratom from Sumatra is becoming increasingly difficult to find due to unsustainable farming practices that have greatly reduced the red kratom tree population. We’ve been searching for a reliable and consistent supplier of red Sumatra kratom for years because we wanted to work with growers who could farm it sustainably and provide a high-quality powder. Our efforts eventually paid off after five years—we found trusted kratom growers who only grow this specific strain. 

We prefer specialized growers because they can provide a consistent product that meets our high standards of quality. This ensures you only get 100% Indonesian kratom powder that delivers the desired results, batch after batch. 

What to expect:

  • Organically & sustainably grown
  • Rich in 5 potent kratom alkaloids
  • Micronized fast-acting grind
  • Sourced directly from specialized Sumatra kratom farmers
  • 100% pure 3rd-party lab-tested powder

Shop and Enjoy Free Same-Day Shipping

Established in 2014, Kraoma’s mission has always been to provide the highest quality kratom at affordable prices. We are proud to offer free same-day shipping and a loyalty rewards program to allow our customers to save even more. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and free samples with every order so that you can try your new favorite kratom risk-free. 

Go ahead and sample our red Sumatra kratom or explore our kratom collection, including our top sellers, premium strains, and more. Want to learn more about kratom? Visit our blog.

Weight 60 g
Kratom effects

Mood, Relaxation, Relief, Sleep

Time of use

Evening, Nighttime

Vein color

Red Vein

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Nathan P

Another quality red from Kraoma

Nevada S

First time trying this type, it was mellow and nice.

Cathy S

Great quality.

Cassandra V

Helps with sleep

Anthony S.

Good for after work and a few hours before bed.

Red Sumatra Kratom Powder
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