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Our Red Sumatra Kratom is a unique red strain with a sad past. It comes from the island of Sumatra which has the perfect circumstances for kratom plants to thrive.

Yet, several instances of unsustainable farming drastically decreased the quality of the soil. As a result, not all Red Sumatra Kratom that you’ll find on the market will be high-quality.

This means that you must be particularly careful when choosing whom you purchase this red strain from.

Why Try Our Red Sumatra Kratom

1.Sourced Directly from Vetted Farmers in Indonesia

When looking for reliable sources, we knew that we had to be careful. Unfortunately, there are plenty of unreliable farmers who know of the beneficial effects of quality kratom. So, they try to take advantage of this situation.

We did lose much time and resources in the process. However, this allowed us to successfully locate reliable kratom farmers. Their Red Sumatra Kratom wasn’t hit or miss, and every batch we tested came back pure and high-quality.

Over the years, we’ve been able to establish a close relationship with them. And the product that we get from them has not lost its quality.

2. Organically Grown

Our farmers follow organic practices when growing kratom trees, harvesting the leaves, and producing kratom powder. Because of this, they do not need to use any harsh chemicals or pesticides.

3.Consistently Fresh

Importing directly from the source means that we do not need to use a middleman. Our kratom also does not spend long periods of time in warehouses.

We receive regular shipments, and our Red Sumatra Kratom is only one to three months old when it reaches you.

4. Only Harvested from Mature Leaves

To ensure the highest quality product possible, our farmers only harvest fully mature kratom leaves. These have the highest alkaloid content.

5. Free of Stems and Veins

The veins and stems of kratom leaves have much lower alkaloid content than leaf tissue. Therefore, farmers remove those before they grind the leaves.

6. No Adulterants of Contaminants

In addition to our farmers not using any pesticides or chemicals, we also lab-test each batch of Red Sumatra we receive. It is another way of ensuring that what you get is only pure kratom powder.

7. Fine and Smooth Powder

To achieve a smooth flour-like consistency, our farmers perform the grinding and sifting process not once, but three times. They vacuum seal it right after to preserve its freshness and fragrance.

Ingredients: Red Sumatra Kratom

Get Our Red Sumatra Kratom FREE Sample Today

Try this red strain for free. If that’s what you were looking for, buy Red Sumatra Kratom today! We also offer discount bundles. With those, you can mix and match the strains that you love the most.

Weight 10 g
Kratom effects

Mood, Relaxation, Relief, Sleep

Time of use

Evening, Nighttime


10 Grams

Vein color

Red Vein

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kasey S

Love it!

Amy F.

Red Sumatra is not only amazing, but long lasting too.

Katherine S

As always- quality product and fast service

Michael M

nice red strain

Chris C

Red Sumatra is pretty darn good. I prefer the Red Kali, but this one is pretty close.

Divine Kraoma (Red Sumatra Kratom) FREE SAMPLE
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