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BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save 30% Off on all orders with code: SAVE30. All orders will ship Tuesday 11/28.
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Red Kali Kratom is a mild yet long-lasting red strain. This makes it an excellent option for those new to kratom and curious to give it a try.

Why Try Out Red Kali Kratom Powder?

1. Sourced Straight from the Source

At Kraoma, we source all our kratom strains directly from the source. Throughout the years in the kratom industry, we have established close connections with a family of growers is the Kalimantan region in Indonesia. They provide our Red Kali Kratom powder.

2. Grown in Optimal Conditions

Our kratom farm is located on a hillside by the river. This provides our kratom trees with the most optimal conditions necessary to develop a strong alkaloid content.

3. Sustainably and Organically Grown

Our farmers follow sustainable and organic farming practices passed down through generations. They rely on natural practiced and do not use pesticides or any other chemicals in the process.

4. Vein and Stem Free

During the production process, our farmers remove all the veins, stems, as well as, rotten leaves. Thus, they make kratom powder only from pure leaf matter that has the highest alkaloid content.

5. Strong Kratom Powder

Our farmers only use fully-grown mature leaves. In combination with their organic farming practices and methods of production, this yield a very strong Red Kali Kratom powder.

6. 3rd-Party Lab-Tested

We utilize the services of a 3rd-party independent laboratory to test each batch that we receive. This further ensures the quality and purity of our product.

7. Consistently Strong Kratom Powder

Carefully vetting our suppliers has helped us to find ones that can provide consistently potent Kali Kratom powder.

Ingredients: Red Kali Kratom

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Weight 10 g
Kratom effects

Balance, Relaxation, Relief

Time of use

Evening, Nighttime


10 Grams

Vein color

Red Vein

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Alex E.

Thanks for the free sample!

Marcus M.

Tried as a sample. Will order this Red Kali in the future. Seemed a little stronger than I expected too!

Amy F.

Red Kali is another amazing option. Always helps.

Amy F.

Red Kali is another amazing product.

Frank D.

Always consistent. I had to try somewhere else, due to availability, but will only use Kraoma from now on. Been my go-to for years. Great product, and dependable customer service.

Peaceful Kraoma (Red Kali Kratom) FREE SAMPLE
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