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We will be closed Friday 9/22 and reopening on Monday 9/25. All orders placed will ship on Monday 9/25. Thank you


Green South Kali Kratom is a balanced green strain that soothes, relaxes, and boosts the mood.

Why Try Our Green Kali Kratom

1. Imported Directly from the Source

At Kraoma, we source all our kratom products directly from the source. Our Green Kali Kratom is from Southern Kalimantan in Indonesia.

Over the years, we have formed a close relationship with our source.

2. Organically Grown

Our kratom farmers know exactly how to take care of kratom plants and maximize its alkaloidal properties.

They do so following organic and sustainable practices. These do not require the use of pesticides or any other chemicals.

3. Always Fresh

Our Green South Kali Kratom shipments come directly from the source. We do not utilize the services of an importer, distributor, or a re-seller.

Our kratom also does not have to spend time in different warehouses. Therefore, it’s only one to three months old when it reaches you.

So, you get fresh Green South Kali Kratom without paying any unnecessary hidden fees.

4. Consistently Strong and High-Quality

We didn’t just choose any kratom supplier. We carefully vetted them and chose only ones who could supply us with consistently strong and high-quality kratom. Thus, we chose to sell only the kratom that we’d buy ourselves.

5. Signature Drying Process

Our farmers have developed their own unique drying process that enables them to retain the maximum amount of kratom alkaloids. Our Green Kali is known as ‘Kali Mist Kratom‘ for a reason.

6. High Alkaloid Content

Because of the organic farming practices as well as the signature drying process, our kratom powder develops and retains a high alkaloid content.

7. Free of Pollutants or Contaminants

Upon receiving each batch, we test it at a 3rd-party independent laboratory here, in the U.S.

If any of the batches isn’t clean or high-quality, we immediately discard it.

Ingredients: Green Kali Kratom

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Weight 10 g
Kratom effects

Balance, Mood, Social

Time of use



10 Grams

Vein color

Green Vein

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Amy F.

Green Kali is amazing in the morning.




Generous portions of free samples. You get the same high quality product. Fast shipping.

Jessica F

Definitely more on the stimulating side. I prefer more of a relaxing strain but would still recommend if you need an energy boost. Less is more though. Very potent.


Pretty good

Joyful Kraoma (Green Kali Kratom) FREE SAMPLE
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