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FLASH SALE: Save 20% Off with Code: FLASH20
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Green Kali kratom is a well-rounded strain of the Mitragyna speciosa plant that is rapidly growing in popularity. This variety offers a balanced blend of soothing, relaxing, and mood-enhancing properties. At Kraoma, we source our Green Kali powder from expert farmers in the Southern region of Kalimantan in Borneo. Our Green Kali leaves are dried in an air-conditioned dark room and then undergo a final drying process outside to ensure they contain a unique alkaloid profile that delivers a consistent experience every day. If you’re looking for rejuvenation, relaxation, or boosting your mood, Green Kali may be exactly what you need.

Enjoy a Joyful, Relaxed, and Energizing Feel

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a more joyful, relaxed, and energizing feel, then you need to check out green vein Kali kratom powder. This powerful ethnobotanical plant is made from pure and fast-acting kratom leaves that have been carefully harvested to ensure optimal potency and efficacy. Whether you want to ease away day-to-day discomfort or power through your busy life with renewed energy and focus, this premium kratom powder is perfect. Buy kratom powder online at Kraoma and enjoy 100% pure kratom that is always fresh, potent, and high quality.

What to expect:

  • Organically and sustainably grown
  • Fast-acting kratom powder
  • Imported straight from Indonesia
  • 3rd-party lab-tested, contamination-free, and vacuum-sealed
  • No artificial coloring or chemical substances added

Kraoma is all about offering our customers the best possible experience. We only source the highest quality Kali powder leaves from trusted farmers in Indonesia. These leaves are then lab-tested for purity and potency to ensure you are getting a product that is free of contaminants and of the highest quality. Our kratom products are also vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness right to your doorstep.

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Kraoma is passionate about providing customers with the finest kratom available to buy online. Green Kali kratom is one of our top sellers, and for good reason—it’s a versatile strain that you can enjoy any day. It’s also known for its high alkaloid content, making it a potent option for those looking for a powerful kratom experience. Whether you’re looking to explore green vein kratom strains or one of our other premium kratom strains, we’ve got you covered. We also offer mix and match options so you can try multiple kratom strains in one order. 

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Weight 60 g
Kratom effects

Balance, Mood, Social

Strain speed


Time of use


Vein color

Green Vein

Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews
Edwin Acosta
Steady vivmbe

Very consistent good vibe with long lasting duration.

Jessica Fickley
I love it

I love it!

Clean, Calm, Balanced

Kali Strains are exceptional, and this one has it all. Lovely mood boost, body relaxation, and even keel energy. Perfect for when I'm little to hyper and need to focus. Found it to help with aches as well. Great for getting lost in a book, or patiently working thru tasks.

Jessica Fickley
Green Kali

This is a gorgeous green

Eric White
Best Kratom on the planet!

I have been buying my Kratom from them for over a year and with all the growth and changes and challenges they have always given me the best product and the BEST customer service experience. You don’t need to shop anywhere else. Plus they have a rewards program that helps save me even more money on top of the already low price. Thank you.

Green Kali Kratom Powder (Joyful Kraoma)
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