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Our Classic Kratom Bali is not only a traditional powder, but it has also stood the test of time.

Reasons to Try Our Classic Kratom Bali

1. A True Connoisseur’s Staple

You cannot call yourself a true kratom connoisseur if you do not know that Classic Bali is.

When kratom first reached the United States, it didn’t come in the form of the fine, flour-like powder that we know today. Vendors used to sell much courser kratom. That’s because back then, grinding had to happen by hand.

Yet, as technology evolved, we were able to produce a much finer powder.

Although the kratom powder available nowadays is fine, there are old-time kratom enthusiasts who still love the classic course grind.

Classic Bali delivers the traditional kratom experience that only true connoisseurs know. It’s also not a common stain.

2. Traditional Coarse Grind

When grinding other strains, our farmers utilize special micron grind technology. Things are different with Classic Bali. Farmers crush dried kratom leaves by hand.

3. Fresh Classic Bali from the Source

We don’t only offer a classic grind. We offer a classic grind straight from the source. This ensures that our powder is always consistently fresh and thus provides the most potent effects.

4. Sustainably and Organically Grown

The farmers whom we source Classic Kratom Bali from follow organic and sustainable practices. Therefore, it is free of pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.

5. Smooth and Lasting Effects

The coarser grind impacts the kratom experience. It makes kratom effects smooth and long-lasting.

6. Potent Alkaloid Content

Since producing this strain requires fewer processes, it is able to retain more alkaloids.

7. Tested to Ensure Purity and Quality

Each batch of our Classic Kratom Bali goes through an independent laboratory in the United States. There, it gets tested for quality and a series of contaminants. If the tests detect any, we immediately discard the entire batch. Thus, only pure powder goes for sale.

Ingredients: Classic Bali Kratom

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If you’re new to this strain, try it for free or buy Classic Bali Kratom right now! If you can’t decide between a few strains, you don’t have to struggle making a choice. Our discount bundles allow you to mix and match your best strains and save as you do so!

Weight 10 g
Kratom effects

Relaxation, Relief, Sleep

Time of use

Evening, Nighttime


10 Grams

Vein color

Red Vein

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Erin M.

A very green red, but let me explain how this is a good thing. Someone once told me, if the k is brown, it’s old. Other companies sell old stuff as “red” because it’s dark redin color. True red is dark green, just like this. Pain was gone, don’t need to take a huge amount to get relief either. Once again amazing company and freshest k on the market.

Amy F.

Your Classic Bali was so amazing. It works so well.

Reid D

Incredible product!

Amy F.


Jerry M.

An awesome strain if you want to relax for the day.

Warm Kraoma (Classic Bali) FREE SAMPLE
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