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White Vein Horned Kratom is a rare strain and it’s hard to come by.

Reasons to Try White Horn Kratom

1. New and Rare

This white strain is new and rare. Because of that, many vendors do not offer it for sale. At Kraoma, however, you not only can buy high-quality White Horn Kratom, but also try it for FREE!

2. Fresh Directly from Indonesia

Even since we discovered kratom, we tried a variety of different vendors. Since no one fully met our needs, we decided to do it ourselves. And we decided to go to the source. Through a long process of trial and error, we have established close relationships with kratom suppliers. Thus, we get the highest quality fresh kratom straight from the source.

As a result, out White Horn Kratom is strong, fresh, and, most importantly real. Which means that you’re not paying for any middlemen expenses!

3. Horned Leaves Are More Potent

According to our farmers, horned leaves contain more potent alkaloids that regular kratom leaves. Thus, it makes this strain an excellent choice for people looking for a stronger kratom strain. Therefore, our farmers only harvest fully matured kratom leaves and do not mix them with any other leaves.

4. Real White Horn Kratom

Because of its rarity and popularity, much of the White Horn on the market isn’t actually real. It’s available in limited amounts and, sadly, it’s easy to fake.

We know that because such practices were the reason for us to set up our company. Therefore, we won’t sell anything, we wouldn’t use ourselves.

5. Fully Mature Leaves

Kratom leaves need to be fully matured for them to have horns. Our farmers know that and only harvest the leaves that are fully mature and have horns.

6. Vacuum-Sealed

Our farmers vacuum-seal packages before shipping them to us. Thus, the powder you get retains its freshness and unique aroma.

7. Lab-Tested to Ensure Quality and Purity

We send samples of each batch to a 3rd-party independent laboratory. This allows us to see whether its quality matches our standards.

If it doesn’t, we discard it all. Regardless of the financial loss that it causes.

Ingredients: White Horn Kratom

Get Your White Horn Kratom FREE Sample Today!

White Vein Horned Kratom is a rare strain, yet we offer it for free.


Simple, we want all kratom enthusiasts to have access to new kratom strains. Without having to commit to getting a new strain in bulk and without having the fear that the new kratom will not suit your preferences.

At Kraoma, we send 10g of pure kratom for everyone to try at no cost other than the shipping fee. It does not go into our pockets but to the courier who delivers the free kratom samples right to your doorstep.

If you are satisfied, don’t hesitate to buy White Horn Kratom here.

Weight 10 g
Kratom effects

Clarity, Energy, Focus, Mood, Productivity

Time of use



10 Grams

Vein color

White Vein

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Marisa Horn
Good Addition

I like to use a few different veins a day to keep down tolerance for one building up. I use Kratom mainly for pain so the Red Bali is my go to. I also really enjoy the mood enhancement that makes me more social which this one does. This vein also helps me get more focused on my business. I work many hours on the computer doing design work and sales so I am glad to find something to help me focus in order to finish one of my many tasks without switching to a new task too(to?) quickly. Never was great with grammar.


Excellent product.

Adam F

amazing for motivation and clear minded work

Hannah M


Kevin A

I think I have found something to replace White Mang Da! Very pleasant and it is just a great pick! I have to give 5 star! Great product

Focus Kraoma (White Horn Kratom) FREE SAMPLE
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