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Red Vein Kratom gets the highest regard out all the other kratom strains with different stem and vein colors.

What is Red Vein Kratom

It is a variation of the ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’ tree that features red stems and red veins.

There are different speculations as to how red strains evolved to a super kratom with intense properties.

Some speculations say that its trees started having red veins when they had to survive from insect attacks.

Some say it is because of the chemicals they produced based on what they absorb from the soil.

Whichever theory is true, there is no denying that this strain is a strong and potent variety a lot of people seek.

What Elevates Red Vein Kratom from the Rest

This type of kratom contains different alkaloid compounds.

If we look closely, each red vein leaf contains up to twenty-five alkaloidal properties.

However, if the plant receives proper care throughout its development stages, it is capable of developing up to forty different potent alkaloids.

We have spent five years in building a good relationship with reliable and experienced kratom farmers.

Hence, all of our red kratom strains are of premium quality.

They are from healthy mature plants with forty fully-developed alkaloids.

Another interesting fact about Red Vein trees is its versatility.

Red vein trees are strong. They can survive various harsh environments; may it be a super dry place or flooded areas.

If we examine the leaves of the tree, we’ll find alkaloids with more developed cell walls.

Therefore, red veins effects are strong and powerful.

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