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Is Kratom Legal in Kentucky in 2019?

is kratom legal in kentucky

Kentucky is the 15th state of the US that used to be a county before it became a state. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both born in Kentucky about a 100 miles away from each other within less than a year. And Thomas Edison used to work at Western Union in Louisville. Not long […]

Is Kratom Legal in Indiana in 2019?

is kratom legal in Indiana

Indiana, the home state of Michael Jackson, is dubbed “The Hoosier State” and its people are “Hoosiers”. Curiously, no one knows where the name came from and what Hoosier actually means. Pawnee, Indiana, does not actually exist. Neither does Eagleton. Or Eerie. However, Indiana has a town called Santa Claus. It was originally Santa Fe, […]

Is Kratom Legal in Michigan in 2019?

is kratom legal in michigan

The state of Michigan borders four of the Great Lakes and has 11,000 inland lakes. You can even buy merchandise such as tote bags and T-Shirts with the slogan “Land of 11,000 Lakes”. Its largest city, Detroit, is home to the headquarters of three large car companies: Ford Motor, General Motors, and Chrysler. Therefore, many […]

Is Kratom Legal in Illinois in 2019?

is kratom legal in illinois

The 6th most populous state in the US, Illinois is the birthplace of Ronald Reagan and the tallest man in the world. Chicago, the largest city in Illinois, is nicknamed the Windy City though it isn’t the windiest city in the US. It’s not even in the top 10. Yet, it has a river that […]

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin in 2019?

Is kratom legal in Wisconsin

Cheese isn’t everything there is to Wisconsin. It’s also a state with approximately 15,000 lakes and close to 8,000 rivers and streams. Reading this on QWERTY keyboard? You have Wisconsin to that thank for that. It was a Wisconsinite who invented the QWERTY layout. And the blender was the brainchild of another. Several Wisconsinites have become […]

Is Kratom Legal in Louisiana in 2019?

Louisiana got its name after King Louis XIV of France and means “the Land of Louis”. It’s popular for Mardi Gras and the French Quarter in New Orleans, its largest city. It’s also the birthplace of jazz and the land of another popular Louis – jazz virtuoso Louis Armstrong. Louisiana is the only state in […]

Is Kratom Legal in Iowa in 2019?

is kratom legal in Iowa

Iowa is the 29th of the U.S. that owes its name to a Native American tribe that once used to live there. Iowa is the largest producer of corn in the country and the state with more hogs than humans. Do you eat toast for breakfast? You have to thank Iowa for that. It was […]

Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas?

is kratom legal in Arkansas

Arkansas is the home state of Bill Clinton and the first-ever Wal-Mart store. It is also the only state in the United States that has a diamond field. The Crater of Diamonds State Park allows visitors to mine their own diamonds and is the only place in the world that allows visitors to keep them. […]

Is Kratom Legal in Oklahoma in 2019?

is kratom legal in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the 46th state of the United States and home to almost 4 million people. It has the second largest population of Native Americans as well as the largest bald eagle population in the country. Its capital, Oklahoma City, is famous for its cowboy culture. How about the legal status of kratom in Oklahoma? […]

Is Kratom Legal in Kansas in 2019?

is kratom legal in Kansas

Kansas is literally the center of the US, because the Geographic Center of the Contiguous US is located in Lebanon, Kansas. You’d think that Kansas City is the main city in Kansas. Well, in actuality, Kansas City refers to two cities, one that’s located in Kansas and another in neighboring Missouri. Both are situated on the […]