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Knowing kratom facts can be important to make informed buying decisions. It can also be fun to know a few more things about the herb that you love.

However, there is plenty of conflicting information online. It can be hard to discern what is right and what’s not. There’s also plenty of low-quality information. That can be damaging to the image and reputation of kratom.

Our aim is to change that. We would the kratom community to have access to accurate kratom facts. Therefore, here, you’ll find information on topics like how to correctly pronounce kratom, its history, and a lot more. It’s backed by evidence whenever that’s possible or applicable.

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5 Best Kratom Strains for Relaxation

woman smiling in the sunshine with her hands on her head

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. Its leaves contain alkaloids, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are known for their psychoactive properties. Kratom strains are typically categorized by the color of the leaf veins: red, green, and white. Among these, red vein strains are particularly popular for […]

Kratom Industry: Balancing Profit and Environmental Responsibility

A Thai gardener surveys a Kratom sapling inside a greenhouse

As the popularity of kratom continues to surge, the industry surrounding this remarkable plant is experiencing rapid expansion. Katom derives from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. Kratom has been lauded for its potential benefits in managing pain, anxiety, and fatigue. However, with this growth comes a critical […]

The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Ideal Kratom Dosage

Embarking on the journey of discovering the incredible world of kratom can be both exciting and overwhelming. With its numerous strains and versatile uses, it’s no wonder that kratom has taken the wellness community by storm. But like any botanical, finding the right balance between effectiveness and safety is crucial. That’s why determining your ideal […]

How Is Kratom Made from Tree to Powder?

how is kratom made

KratKratom is rapidly gaining popularity in the western world due to its countless beneficial properties. But how is kratom made? Have you ever wondered what happens before it reaches you? We’ve broken the process down. So, read on to find out. How Is Kratom Made? 1. The Origins and Cultivation Kratom is a natural botanical […]

What Is Kratom: Strains, Legal Status, Interesting Facts

What Is Kratom

A frequent news buzz, kratom isn’t short of attention. You may come across lots of conflicting information about it and wonder what it is and what’s the big deal about it. Passionate about the herb, we’re here to break down kratom details for you. So, What Is Kratom Exactly? Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, […]

Kratom Alkaloids: The Secret Behind Kratom’s Superpower

Kratom alkaloids

Kratom has a wide range of beneficial properties. However, where do these come from, and what’s responsible for them? The answer is rather simple – kratom alkaloids. Kratom has a wealth of alkaloids, each of which contributes to the beneficial profile of Mitragyna speciosa. What Are Alkaloids Alkaloids are organic chemical compounds that contain one […]

How to Make Kratom Soap: Step-by-Step Guide

Make kratom soap

In recent years, topical kratom leaf products such as kratom soap have become more common in online herbal stores. That’s because kratom soap offers unique benefits. You can experience the beneficial properties of kratom as well as the effect of the powder texture and kratom alkaloids on the skin. Additionally, natural homemade kratom soap reduces […]

5 Kratom Products You Can Craft at Home

Kratom Products

Skincare products and other wellness goods we use at home contain a significant amount of herbal products. Mitragyna speciosa isn’t one of the most popular herbs among them, and while there is a niche of kratom wellness products available for sale, most are hand-crafted. If you have some spare time and are considering new ways […]

10 Kratom Facts Kratom Lovers Should Know

Kratom Facts

With kratom growing in popularity, so is the interest surrounding the plant and the products made from it. So, we’ve compiled a list of ten kratom facts if you’d like to learn more about this miracle herb. 10 Kratom Facts for Kratom Lovers 1. The Botanical Name of Kratom Is Mitragyna Speciosa Plants, algae, and […]

KCPA and GMP: Which Ensures Better Quality?

KCPA and GMP Kratom legality

Kratom has a multitude of beneficial properties. Yet, there is a lack of country-wide regulations to ensure the purity and quality of kratom. Therefore, it’s crucial to buy Mitragyna speciosa products from a reputable vendor. Else, you risk exposing yourself to harmful adulterants, pathogens, bacteria, or heavy metals. Kratom merchants have started addressing the issue […]